Benefits to you

At First Title, we do more than just underwrite risk. We partner closely with conveyancers and solicitors to help enhance your business and processes.

How does title insurance protect me?

First Title indemnifies property owners against errors you make in good faith, such as incorrectly calculating outstanding rates and taxes during due diligence.1 This makes title insurance a powerful risk management tool which can protect you against unnecessary claims on your professional indemnity insurance.

Title insurance does not replace a competent practitioner. Instead, it enables you to transfer some of the liability for certain aspects of property due diligence to First Title.

Waived right of subrogation

First Title waives its subrogation rights against the practitioner for covered risks. This means we don't pursue the conveyancer or solicitor for errors made that result in claims against the policy, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Report on Title fee

You may choose to receive a $75 Report on Title fee from First Title. We offer this payment as acknowledgement of the time and expertise it takes you to complete the due diligence process required for your clients’ purchase of a First Title policy.

Value-added client service

An increasing number of Australian home buyers and owners are purchasing title insurance. This growth is spurred by increasing property prices and the perceived increase of risks posed by title defects that could have a significant financial impact.

To help streamline the insurance ordering process you can use eTitle, our online ordering platform. Or, if you prefer, you can submit order requests by fax or email. Either way, we’ll work with you to ensure the best fit with your business.

1 Indemnity is provided to conveyancers and solicitors who are appointed as distributors by First Title (in accordance with ASIC class order 05/1070).