Benefits to your clients

Title insurance protects your clients against legal risks that can threaten the ownership of their property, or affect their right to occupy and use their land.

These risks include adverse possession, boundary issues, fraud and forgery against clients’ certificate of title, illegal building works, unpaid rates and taxes, unregistered rights of way and easements, and zoning non-compliance. If your client suffers a loss covered by their First Title policy, they simply make a claim.

Your clients will also benefit from:

  • no excess payable on claims
  • competitive pricing
  • client support from our experienced customer service team
  • guidance from our underwriting and legal team
  • the support of one of the world’s largest title insurance companies.

What is your role in the process?

Title insurance should be thought of as a value-added service you can offer to your clients. We do not ask you to persuade your clients to buy First Title title insurance – we believe that once clients know it exists, the insurance represents itself.

You may like to explain the benefits of title insurance by mentioning your personal experiences of when it saved clients money, time and effort. Others prefer to simply mention that it exists and direct clients to our customer service team for more information. Either way, we are happy to talk to your clients directly and provide you with the level of support you require.