FASTRefi is First Title's unique refinancing process. It uses title insurance to facilitate the refinancing of a home loan in days, rather than weeks.

FASTRefi enables an 'unattended' refinance settlement to occur. The process circumvents retention units because settlement can proceed the same day mortgage and loan documents are returned to the FASTRefi accredited lender for certification and funding.

The FASTRefi service benefits lenders by helping to improve conversion rates, reduce settlement costs, and provide improved and more streamlined mortgage loan processing.

FASTRefi® features

  • Refinance transactions settle within days instead of weeks
  • Faster same-day settlements
  • Borrowers can access additional and/or surplus funds much faster than the standard refinance process
  • Provides a genuine value-add proposition for the borrower (new loan sooner) and lender (loans on book faster)
  • The process requires minimal additional documentation

Find out more

Only First Title accredited lenders can offer the FASTRefi service. If you are interested in implementing the FASTRefi program, please contact First Title’s customer service team on 1300 362 178 for more information.

FASTRefi is a registered trademark of First Title. Terms and conditions apply to its use.