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Why First Title?

Since 1996, we’ve helped protect over 40,000 properties in Australia and New Zealand.

Encroaching structures build on your land

Coverage if someone builds a structure other than a boundary wall or fence, that is on your land in the future.

Identity theft and fraud

ID fraud could result in your home being transferred to another owner or mortgaged without your knowledge. If this happens, you would be covered.

Illegal or unapproved structures

To repair or demolish illegal or unapproved structures such as decks, pergolas or carports where your local council issues an order to do so.

Incorrect boundaries

To rectify incorrect boundaries, for example if you discover your garden shed or fence is on your neighbour’s property and needs to be moved.

Planning and zoning

Coverage for any loss because you cannot use your property as your home as a result of planning and zoning laws.

Third parties casuing structures to be removed

If a third party who has a legal right (including utility companies) requires you to remove or remediate part or all of the structures on your land, title insurance provides cover.

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