What is covered?

Residential and strata properties

First Title’s title insurance for residential and strata property covers you against 21 specific risks, including these two most common incidents.

Illegal or unapproved structures

Australians love their carports, backyard decks, verandas and pergolas. Unfortunately, these are often built without council approval. According to Archicentre*, more than 29% of Australian residences have an illegal structure and the risk often remains unknown to you until it’s too late.

Following your purchase, your local council may order you to demolish or rebuild these illegal structures, with the potential to cause you significant loss.


It happens more often than you might think – your boundary fence or garden shed may not actually be on your land, or your fence line could be in the wrong place. Our title insurance gives you peace of mind knowing these hidden surprises won’t end up costing you time, money and stress.

*Source: Archicentre media release: Why illegal building will catch up with you, 14 June 2011, www.archicentre.com.au.