What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance protects you against legal risks that can threaten the ownership of your property, or affect your right to occupy and use your land. These risks include:

  • illegal building works
  • boundary issues
  • fraud and forgery against your certificate of title
  • unpaid rates and taxes
  • unregistered rights of way and easements
  • adverse possession
  • zoning non-compliance.

Why do I need Title Insurance?


Title insurance covers a range of risks you are exposed to as a property buyer. There are two types of risk – those that are identified during the conveyancing process (known risks), and those that remain undiscovered during this process (unknown risks). Even the most thorough conveyancing process cannot discover all the potential risks against your property. That’s where title insurance comes in.


Even if you already own your home, your property is still exposed to unknown risks from issues such as encroachments, unregistered rights of way and easements, zoning non-compliance and the biggest risk of all – fraud and forgery.

Fraud, forgery and other criminal acts can affect your ownership of a property. For example, a third party could forge documents and use them to claim an interest in your land, or a land title authority could make an error that puts your home in jeopardy.