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  • Step 1. Property
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We have moved our title insurance ordering process for Practitioners to our eTitle platform. This will provide greater visibility with tracking your orders and making payments allowing you to better support your clients.
To enquire about arranging title insurance for your clients as a First Title ordering party, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 362 178 or email bdms@firsttitle.com.au

Requesting title insurance for a residential property is only available online for a new property purchase. Your solicitor or conveyancer may be able to help arrange a policy if you already own your property.

For commercial properties, we do not have a title insurance product available for properties that have already been purchased.

To use geo-complete, click here.

If the self-contained residential units are on individual titles then separate Strata Owners Gold policies should be ordered.

Please update the policy type or contact our Customer Service team on 1300 362 178 or customerservice@firsttitle.com.au for more information.

A Known Risk is knowledge of an issue with the property that could lead to a claim under the title insurance policy. Known Risks include but are not limited to:
  • Unapproved building works;
  • No certificate of occupation issued;
  • Non-compliance with zoning and development laws;
  • Survey/boundary defects (boundaries not in the true location);
  • Knowledge of fraud, forgery and/or identify theft;
  • Non-compliance with easements and covenants;
  • Encroachments (structures expanding on to the neighbour’s property);
  • Lack of legal right of water supply or drainage;
  • Outstanding rates, charges or taxes on the property – that will not be paid or reimbursed on settlement;
If any of these Known Risks have been disclosed:
  • in your contract for sale;
  • in your Building Inspection report;
  • by the Real Estate Agent or Vendor.
Please select “Yes”.
A Known Risk is knowledge of an issue with the property that could lead to a claim under the title insurance policy. To determine if there are any Known Risks, please confirm:
  • Are you aware of any zoning issues which affect your right to occupy the property?
  • Have you received any correspondence, notice, order, claim or are you aware of a proposed notice, order or claim relating to:
    • Unapproved building works;
    • Any structure(s) on your property which extend onto your neighbour’s property;
    • Any neighbouring structure(s) which extend onto your property;
    • A claim of adverse possession by any person;
Outstanding rates by previous owners or outstanding notices.

Describe known risk

Describe defects / matters affecting title or use of the property

Please describe

Please explain why you didn’t end up purchasing title insurance

Please describe the renovations/modifications you have done

  • Details page from contract of sale
  • Title search document
  • Any documents relating to known risk

Thank you for your order

Our Underwriting Team will now review your application and come back to you shortly.
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