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Title Insurance for Commercial Properties

Consider protection against certain property ownership risks that could affect your commercial property.

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Unapproved building works

Cover to repair or demolish any unknown unapproved building works such as tenant fit-outs, barns or mezzanines where your local council issues an order to do so.

Encroaching structures built on your land

Cover where someone builds a structure on your land without your knowledge or consent.

Taxes, charges and levies

Cover for outstanding rates, land tax, trade waste charges or parking space levies charged to your land and unknown by you due to an error by your conveyancing practitioner.

Legal right of access

Cover where you do not have a legal right of access to and from the property either on foot or by vehicle.

Competing interest claims

Cover where someone claims a legal right to use all or part of your land, such as the right to occupy or have access to your land, and you were not aware of the legal right claimed.

To find out more, read our Important Information and Policy Wording documents. Caps and exclusions apply.

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