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Commercial Solutions Title Insurance

A practical layer of protection to safeguard your property investment

At First Title, all commercial property underwriting and claims handling is managed by a legally qualified team who work on a case-by-case basis to understand the unique needs of each specific deal. This keeps our customers satisfied and protected, solving problems that might otherwise delay or jeopardise a settlement.

A First Title policy can absorb risks that lenders, purchasers and lawyers are often not able to mitigate against via their due diligence checks. Our Commercial Solutions policy protects against loss from over 20 potential risks.

We can also customise a policy using our in-house Australian and Global underwriters to find adequate solutions to cover both known and unknown risks. This added layer of protection allows you to use your time more effectively and protect precious cashflow to enhance your commercial property investment.

From the Date of Policy, we insure against loss for Title Issues, Title Defects and Encumbrances and other issues upon request such as the following:

  • Lack of Legal Access
  • Title Fraud
  • Survey Issues
  • Registration Gap
  • Incorrect Search Enquiry Response
  • Outstanding Government Orders
  • Lack of Building Permits
  • Lack of Corporate Authority
  • Legal Errors at Time of Purchase
  • Unapproved Building Works (Lender policy only)

Key Features of Commercial Solutions Title Insurance

A one-off premium to protect you for the entire duration of ownership
No fault claims with no excess ever payable
All legal expenses covered to defend against insured risks
Owner Policy: Protection can include covered risks up to the current value of the property
Lender Policy: Protection up to the mortgage value for covered risks

A Commercial Solutions Case Study

Case Study: The Policy in Action

From our Canadian Division, First Canadian Title (FCT)


The insured purchased a 9-hole golf course with plans to expand 
it to 18-holes and develop apartments. The municipality confirmed that the land could be developed for these purposes. After settlement, the municipality notified the insured of an error in its response.


FCT paid the insured the difference in the land purchase price (which factored in development potential) and the actual value of the land as a 9-hole golf course.

Want to see if Commercial Solutions title insurance is right for you?

To find out more, read our Important Information and Policy Wording documents. Caps and exclusions apply.