Since 1996, First Title has provided title insurance (also known as title insurance) for residential and commercial mortgage lenders in Australia and New Zealand.

Our local experience, supported by our international capabilities, makes us a leading provider of title insurance to mortgage lenders in Australia and New Zealand.

Our products and services include:

  • title insurance lender programs for a range of property types and mortgage lender processing models
  • FASTRefi®, a proprietary process developed by First Title, which can facilitate faster and more efficient refinance transaction processing
  • risk mitigation solutions for mortgage lender loan-book portfolio acquisitions
  • solutions to streamline the settlement due diligence process associated with complex property transactions.

If you have any queries about First Title’s products and services, our in-house legal team and experienced underwriters are available to assist with your enquiries.

In Australia, a wide range of lenders use title insurance to manage property-related risks, including major trading banks, non-banks, building societies and wholesale funders.