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Title Insurance for Existing Property Owners

Have you ever considered title insurance for your greatest asset? 

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Unapproved building works

Cover to repair or demolish any unknown unapproved building works such as decks, pergolas, granny flats or carports where your local council issues an order to do so. Cover does not apply if you have already received a notice from council or if you built the works.

Incorrect boundaries

Cover for example for boundary fences (built prior to your ownership) that extend onto your land and prevent you from accessing part of your land.

Encroaching structures built on your land

Cover where someone builds a structure on your land without your knowledge or consent.

Forced removal of structure by third party

Cover where someone (including utility companies) forces you to remove all or part of a structure on your land due to their legal right to maintain or create sewer, gas, telecommunication or electricity installations.


Cover for fraud that might result in your land being sold to another owner or a fraudulent mortgage taken against your land. 

Existing error in public record in relation to drainage and sewerage issues

Cover where there is an error on the public record regarding your legal point of connection to drainage and sewerage.

To find out more, read our Important Information and Policy Wording documents. Caps and exclusions apply.

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